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271 MSV Duisburg Liedtjies & Sokker Chants

The Zebras from Meiderich since 1902!

2577 Meidericher Spielverein 1902 Great Duisburg Ringtone! Speelys
2810 Meinericher Spielverein Ole Great MSV Fanchant! Speelys
5590 MSV! Classic Fanchant of MSV Speelys
5955 Zebras, Score a Goal! Always wanting those... Speelys
6123 MSV MSV This one makes a nice ringtone for a Duisburg fan Speelys
6259 We Love Duisburg MSV And no one else! Speelys
6575 Only the MSV Perhaps the best fanchant of MSV Duisburg, incredible! Speelys
6663 Duisburg! Number One in the Pott! Speelys
6784 You're More Quiet Than the RWO A Fanchant against Essen Speelys
7380 Meiderich The MSV from Meiderich Speelys
  Premier League Betting
8440 No One Likes Us The zebras are here Speelys
9154 Aachen A Fanchant against Borussia Dortmund Speelys
12462 Goal Goal in Duisburg! Speelys
13107 Oh Oh yes MSV! Speelys
13172 We Are Zebras Sorry - no lyrics for this one either, do you know them? Speelys
  Premier League Betting


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